blackberry bush therapy

Getting a jump on yard clearing can really boost your energy.  Dave started off the projects on Saturday by completing the initial grass cutting in the backyard while I spent the day working the public at the Arts Center. Bright and early Sunday morning, after the temperature had raised above 45, we hit the the blackberries and burned!

This is a view taken from the deck looking down into the back yard. You can see our neighbors fence line along the right side. Dave is standing in the “tamed” section of the yard. The “untamed” area, filled with the most blackberry brambles, is just over the wire fence he is standing beside.

This view is from the “untamed” side looking up towards the house. The burn pile originally had a 6’+ diameter and was about 5′ high. Not much left in the photo. We kept feeding it until 4pm and stayed outside until after 6pm cooking a packet of sweet potatoes in the coals. I had hinted at cooking s’mores using “peeps” but we never made it to the store.  Maybe with the next pile…

Dave walking back down to get more branches. Our plans are to install multiple raised beds (surrounded with tall fencing due to the transient deer population) and get our veggies and catnip growing. The yard needs a major overhaul in design. Hopefully we can start taking positive steps to make it a better place to enjoy. Blackberries just don’t fit into that picture.

We only made it through two 10’x20′  sections of berry brambles. There are still plenty more to go. Small and large yellow racers (garter snakes) were sighted. One “spring peeper”, our enjoyably noisy frog neighbor, was sighted. The back marshy area fills with the sounds of many of these 1.5″ long green guys nightly. The neighbors chickens made loops around their yard in search of tasty bug morsels. George helped out by watching their every move!

Evelyn’s daffodils are starting to go. This was a photo from Saturday morning. Might actually be good enough to use for a charcoal drawing.

My body is certainly feeling all the effects from Sunday’s yard work. Might have to take a break today and finish some art projects.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “blackberry bush therapy

    1. It has so much potential but it can be difficult to keep the momentum flowing (and keeping the attack going on the blackberries). Anyone have suggestions on the best way to kill blackberry plants?

  1. It hurts, really to see all of those beautiful black berries going up in smoke! We miss driving down the road and picking buckets full. I know that they are a weed, but out here all we get to do is purchase this horribly small container for $$$.

    1. Dave keeps wanting to set up a black berry stand or do some sort of mass harvesting in various areas. He loves them to a certain point but they certainly take over VERY quickly.

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