Low Blood Count

I think the saying goes “When it rains… it pours!” . This post is for family members & friends reading (and for those who are following my dad’s cancer stuff). Looks like chemotherapy #2 didn’t work as planned. It didn’t even last a month. Today, Lee went in for blood work and his weekly dose of chemo but plans changed when his blood results came in. Low everything.  None of us were with him at the appointment. We don’t know how low it really is but apparently low enough for the physician to suggest a transfusion. Bugger! Where is Dr Fiorello when you need him?

So we will be keeping an eye on him. The rest of his chemo is canceled for now until Dr F’s appointment next Monday. Kim starts working tomorrow & I’ll be making daily phone calls to check on his status. Kim, Mike & I are coordinating who will take him in next week (possibly earlier if he needs a transfusion).

So that’s the scoop for now.

I think we’ve talked him out of driving to the coast this week until his blood settles back down

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2 thoughts on “Low Blood Count

  1. Well, that’s an interesting twist. How does he feel? It sounds like he went in thinking it would be business as usual which is a good sign. A blood transfusion appt. is usually about the same as chemo in terms of time and energy. He may be a little tired afterward but will probably feel more energetic following the transfusion. You’re in our thoughts…all of you…xo

    1. It’s funny, he’s still feeling ok. His doctor called today to check on his status and he told him the same thing. However, I’m putting the kaibash on his installation of a dishwasher at one of the rentals. I’ll get to do that job!

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