Nasty weather

Here we are on the verge of Corvallis Fall Festival and the weather report really sucks. There are multiple storms coming to our doorstep bringing inches of rain,  30 mph gusts and flooding. Tonight the first one comes, then another moves in Saturday and yet another on Sunday. The weather service calls them “unseasonable” andContinue reading “Nasty weather”

What to bring?

On September 28 & 29, Corvallis Fall Festival will be ruling Central Park in Corvallis. This is the first season I’ll be part of a booth rather than helping run the festival. Yes, after 9 festivals the tide has turned! I was invited to participate in this year’s Philomath Open Studios tour in October/November. AsContinue reading “What to bring?”

Almost Festival Time!!!

Oh yes, starting September 22 & 23 it will be Corvallis Fall Festival time! Come help celebrate our 40th anniversary! If you’re in the area, please stop by and say “HI” to me at the Gazebo, my home away from home during the festival. Festival hours are from 10-6 Saturday with a 6-9pm street danceContinue reading “Almost Festival Time!!!”

Project #201

It’s actual name is the Brain Conversation #201. I find myself having lots of inner dialogs as I flesh out new concepts or work thru challenging projects. This particular piece has been in the works for several years. The invitation to participate in Corvallis Fall Festival’s Fine Arts Showcase during the month of September finallyContinue reading “Project #201”

Upcoming art interests

Finally, a little art news! There are two upcoming shows, back to back that I’ll be participating in at the Arts Center in Corvallis. First up is for the month of September. The piece is still in the works but stands a pretty good chance of getting completed before the drop-off date next week. PhotosContinue reading “Upcoming art interests”

Happy May Day!

As a child, May Day was always special. My mother helped me cut flowers & assemble little cone baskets to deliver to the neighbors. After assembly,  I ran up to our neighbors homes, hung the baskets on the door, rang the bell and ran away! Today, the lilacs are blooming and I’ve assembled a coneContinue reading “Happy May Day!”