What to bring?

Corvallis Fall Festival 2013 Poster by Analee Fuentes

On September 28 & 29, Corvallis Fall Festival will be ruling Central Park in Corvallis. This is the first season I’ll be part of a booth rather than helping run the festival. Yes, after 9 festivals the tide has turned! I was invited to participate in this year’s Philomath Open Studios tour in October/November. As part of the “art guild/groups” in Linn/Benton County, we actually have a booth! We will be in #130 so please come by and check it out. The salmon poster image was created by Analee Fuentes. Please check out the CFF website for more info on her work and festival happenings. Lots of art and music to experience!

So, how does a group of 29 artists stock a booth? Sparingly! At the meeting this week, there was a show of hands for 2D participants vs 3D. As a group, we’re super heavy on 2D which is fine.  I’m ambidextrous between mediums so have opted to bring 3D work to the festival. We will all bring 2 works each and possibly one extra. But what to bring?? The Sea Pods would be a lot of fun to display and certainly very different looking but supplies are exhausted. I’ve been trying to get more rattan and not having much luck. Business #1 is totally out and don’t know when they will be getting more. Today I placed an order with business #2 and will see if they have it (4 hr time difference so I’ll find out tomorrow if they can process the order or not). Business #3 is the one I order glue and other basic supplies, but no rattan. Those items should arrive today. (the poor UPS guy probably hates coming to our house with large barking hell hounds to greet him! And it’s been everyday this week he’s had to make drops) So, with any luck one sea pod creation might grace a table or wall! I have another lamp with fall leaf motif ready to go but no light yet. Only one week to go! Time to get moving!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “What to bring?

  1. Super exciting on all accounts! Feels like having a booth will really showcase your work and generate enthusiasm for the studio tours! Hope you have maps ready to hand out!!!

    1. Due to the horrible weather reports our group has decided to NOT do the festival. I had already made the decision by 2pm and the rest followed by 3pm. Bummer!! We just don’t have the full fixtures to deal with rain, wind and more rain. ;(

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