Nasty weather

Here we are on the verge of Corvallis Fall Festival and the weather report really sucks. There are multiple storms coming to our doorstep bringing inches of rain,  30 mph gusts and flooding. Tonight the first one comes, then another moves in Saturday and yet another on Sunday. The weather service calls them “unseasonable” and “potent” with each increasing in strength over the previous. They say part of it is due to leftovers from typhoons across the pacific. I can’t recall the last time we’ve ever had a storm system like this in late September. October yes, but not September.  This upcoming system certainly isn’t good for artworks crafted in paper + glue or any water soluble materials! The Open Studio group has decided to cancel our booth at this event. I know other artists are also dropping out due to the predictions.  So please don’t look for our booth cause we won’t be there. However, I’ll certainly be out on Saturday to do some purchasing from those braving the elements!!


Yesterday the rattan arrived and I jumped into creating another pod (thinking I might have a remote chance of finishing another before the festival). Now I have plenty of time to work through this one. Ok, there isn’t much more to do except copper trim & another couple paper layers on the interior. The below photo is from yesterday evening before copper spikes.

pod in the works-geverett

What else did I complete/ have completed?  A couple of Luminarias!  Cut paper, spruce and hemlock. I cut and completed the left one yesterday. The maple leaf design was created many months before.


Enjoy the rough weather!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Nasty weather

  1. Sorry about the stupid weather ruining your booth appearance Gale. I LOVE the maple leaf luminary. Is it for sale? We need to get together. I miss seeing you!

    1. I miss you too Tracie! And I won’t even be seeing all my friends during the festival. ;(
      Yes, the maple leaf is for sale but it will be going off for a show in Philomath for the month of October. It will be available during the studio sale…. and I’ll try to get a couple more created.
      First Friday is a must for October!

    1. The one nice thing is that it’s fairly warm out but windy and rainy all night and even now. What a shock for this time of year.

  2. Enjoyed the storm while at the coast, but not too much in Corvallis. Up until now, we’ve always been able to count on beautiful fall weather. Maybe one of those typhoon’s followed me back? Or maybe the new planners forget to schedule good weather?

    1. Since you mentioned it, it’s probably your fault! 🙂
      It certainly was a first. Hopefully it won’t happen again.
      Oh, and I received numerous “this is all your fault for leaving the festival” comments….
      glad you got in some good music with Mike. Maybe see you next year!

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