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Pods and thorns, oh my!

September 23, 2013


Today we had plenty of rain and overcast skies so it was a good day to grab some studio time. The pod is slowly pulling together.  I’m sure you’re probably wondering how many hammered copper wires get inserted into a pod form. I’ve not officially counted but it’s around 110-120 (Cynthia, each one is hammered individually). This time the pod is a bit heftier on the paper layers with the top and bottom points taking on a different look. It’s still waiting for the copper tape application and some sort of hanging device on the back but much closer to completion! Still no sign of more rattan….


Besides working copper bits into the pod form, I managed to get another black berry vine completed. The dogs didn’t help much. They thought bringing balls into the studio and constantly nudging me was a good thing for them to do. I’m surprised I didn’t stick them with copper spikes or have giant wayward lines come squiggling off the silhouette drawing.  Eventually I had to stop and toss the ball outside for a while. They are excellent at making sure you take regular breaks.

The ground is getting muddier and so is my house…. I think it’s time to change flooring to wood! The carpet has to go!!!

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  1. Kim permalink
    September 24, 2013 1:04 pm

    Really enjoy seeing your Sea Pods and the blackberry images, Gale!!

  2. Rebecca permalink
    September 24, 2013 7:30 pm

    Beautiful as ever! Fun to watch your work.


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