I have one week to go before Fall Festival and nothing terribly interesting to bring in the 3D world. Well, at least what I consider interesting. I’m pretty sure other people have different ideas. My supply orders are slowly dribbling in the door. Still waiting for rattan and glue. No glue = no lamp/luminarias of any type to be made! I’m exceedingly picky in that area. It has to be Linco PVA Archival glue or nothing.

Previous silhouette lamps have been created using cut paper. This process is rather time consuming and problematic with gluing (glue causes the paper to pucker). Recently I’ve tried photo mount spray adhesives and the jury is still out. I’m waiting to see how long the spray holds… so far so good. But there are other options rather than cut paper… like screen printing! I spent way too much time yesterday searching high and low for my stash of pre-cut fern silhouettes to no avail! Drat! I was hoping to make life easy by using images already in studio for creating photo emulsion screen prints. So instead I headed to the drawing board for a new design. The above image is the first vine/cane section for a blackberry lamp. Yes, I do find the dreaded invasive species fairly beautiful. As we head into fall the colors will start to change from green to yellows and red on the older canes. They are all over my yard and I yearn to rid myself from their lurking prickles, but it’s probably just a dream.  So why not turn them into something positive!

Will the extra stress levels from estate/family things enable or inhibit creativity? Time will tell!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Thorns

    1. If I can keep the momentum moving forward without getting sucked into the estate vortex, something might materialize. At least I now have 1 Sea Pod wall hanging to include. 🙂

    1. I’ve thought that for years, but someone else in the house doesn’t like that idea. They think I’ll get attached to the munching beasties and not let them go…. which is probably true….

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