The Fox, Rabbit and the Pointer 

I could have named this post “15 minutes of wildlife “, since it happened in a short length of time. The weather has shifted back to rain and cooler temps. It was morning and I was enjoying a cup of tea, contemplating what the day would bring when I glanced out the sliding glass door to theContinue reading “The Fox, Rabbit and the Pointer “

Support Crew

Life continues to drift in and out of days spent with my brother in Eugene and trying to recuperate from energy spent towards him. I’ve had since Friday “off” but it’s now Sunday and I’m just starting to feel like possibly doing something creative. Friday, I was fortunate to spend a bit of time helpingContinue reading “Support Crew”


I have one week to go before Fall Festival and nothing terribly interesting to bring in the 3D world. Well, at least what I consider interesting. I’m pretty sure other people have different ideas. My supply orders are slowly dribbling in the door. Still waiting for rattan and glue. No glue = no lamp/luminarias ofContinue reading “Thorns”