The Fox, Rabbit and the Pointer 


I could have named this post “15 minutes of wildlife “, since it happened in a short length of time. The weather has shifted back to rain and cooler temps. It was morning and I was enjoying a cup of tea, contemplating what the day would bring when I glanced out the sliding glass door to the backyard and saw a form. It was sitting on the edge of the blackberry bushes and open grass. Was it a cat or the elusive grey fox? It was situated far enough away that binoculars were needed. Once viewed, it was quickly identified as the  grey fox! My husband happened to pop back into the house for a final goodbye and he was able to see it as well. The fox seemed to be surveying our weekends destruction of his passageway/habitat. It sat in the sunlight looking around (yes, we happened to have just a patch of sunlight during it’s visit). I was scurrying to figure out how to take photos using binoculars and an iPad. Not the easiest way to go, but that’s all I had. An iPhone would have been much easier and lighter. Dave helped focus and take the shots, hoping at least one might be semi focused. I was pleased with what came out. It certainly looks like the fox. It remained there for a few more minutes then retreated back into the vines.


After that excitement, the dogs went out to survey the property. I didn’t witness the next event, but realized Moby was licking or eating something on the ground. I immediately pulled on the boots and tromped out the door. Something light colored lay on the ground in front of him. My brain was already registering rabbit. Yes, it was his first adult rabbit kill. The proud and possessive dog didn’t want me to take the tasty kill from his paws. Somehow, he did relinquish control and I picked it up. Freshly killed. I never know what to do at this point. Do I allow him to consume it? Do I put it in the garbage? Maybe freeze it for a later drawing study? Call my nephew with the 15ft pythons and see if someone needs a snack? In the end, I chose to snap a few pictures (head shots) then take it to the far back where it will be consumed by other wild animals.

rabbit death_13april2016

Such a beautiful little creature. Fortunately, they breed like bunnies and we will have plenty more to replace this one loss. I’ll gain something from having a few photos to work with. The miscellaneous critters out back will get a meal. Moby received some dog treats and praise for letting me step in and take his breakfast.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “The Fox, Rabbit and the Pointer 

    1. I don’t live in the main city zone. It’s considered suburbs at this point. When we first moved here, it was mainly farms… Now it’s all houses! Giant places with tiny yards. We have the opposite- small house, big yard. I’m hopeful we will move to the country and have around 5 acres at some point.

      1. Probably not going to be off grid. It would be nice to have solar panels . Just a dream for now until we find the right place.

  1. What a good boy Moby was to give up his prize kill to you. When I had Great Danes on the farm they used to parade around, proudly carrying their kills, so pleased with themselves till I could get the to give it up to me. My little Hannah would probably loose the fight with a feisty bunny. Karen

    1. I’m amazed about the Danes! I somehow wouldn’t expect them to be killers of critters, but that’s just silly of me. Moby is our most avid hunter, after Nigel the cat who was the first to catch and kill an adult rabbit. Moby is determined to get larger and larger game. Hopefully not our cat!

      1. Oh yes, they were good hunters. Would take after Kangaroos and some of those were quite large. One even took on my ganders and finally one that round too. Ah the gentle rural life.

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