Almost Festival Time!!!

Oh yes, starting September 22 & 23 it will be Corvallis Fall Festival time! Come help celebrate our 40th anniversary!

If you’re in the area, please stop by and say “HI” to me at the Gazebo, my home away from home during the festival. Festival hours are from 10-6 Saturday with a 6-9pm street dance & 10-5 on Sunday. Artist Carrie Tasman won our poster contest this year with her image “Bountiful”.

This year we will feature 160 booths of artist, numerous food vendors, live music all day (both days) and into the night on Saturday, great FREE kid activities and a new hands-on adult art area (cause why should the kiddos have all the fun?!).

I rarely discuss what I do for work in this blog. Yes, I do hold a seasonal job as an administrative assistant for Corvallis Fall Festival. The job allows me to be super anal about organizing & sticking to a time line but also loose & creative with pulling together ideas for projects/signs & what ever. I’ve actually been working there practically since graduating with my art degree from Western Oregon University. I think Cynthia contacted me while I was still in France on a drawing trip in July 2004. It’s been a privilege to help put on this giant community party every year since 2004 and the 2012 festival will most likely be my last. The Executive Director, Cynthia Spencer (my great pal & art mentor) will be pulling out of the festival on October 1. I had the opportunity to take the reigns but opted not to. It’s nice to just be part of the background murmurs.  This summer, after a long interview process, we hired Chris Neely. She and I used to work at The Arts Center for a brief few months before I pulled out of managing the art shop. She is an incredible woman who will pull new energy and ideas into the festival. I’m torn between staying on with Chris for the 2013 festival or just letting go. There is so much she will need help with getting through her first festival. Hmm, guess time will tell which route I choose.

You might wonder what our crowd levels are over the weekend. I think they say we bring close to 30,ooo to our event.

To see what’s up with the festival for art/ music/ food, please click the highlighted text: Corvallis Fall Festival

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Almost Festival Time!!!

  1. I want a copy of that wonderful poster. I’m almost done with a needlepoint pillow top of “poppies” in multiple shades of orange. The pillow and the cat and the sunflowers tell me I NEED THIS POSTER. Marilyn – the ‘zonie- Maines

    1. Oh, I totally forgot I was going to post poppy images. They are still sitting in a file on the other computer.
      Signed posters are $20 and they look much better in person. Now the ORIGINAL image is still for sale at The Arts Center! I’m not certain what Carrie is asking, but it should be on their web site. Just click their link on the sidebar of my blog.
      If you want a poster, I can send you one. You should get it before the end of September. 🙂

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