Death of the Ceramic Kimono


Lightly sleeping… aware that the dog is on the bed… acupuncture cat on pillow… comfy until…

“the cat broke your kimono.”

“ARRRRGH!” “Darn Cat”

What do ceramic artists or art collectors do when one of your favorite pieces is destroyed? You might swear at the cause, your stupidity for leaving it vulnerable, or swear at the messenger for bringing you the bad news. Possibly all of the above? Oh well, what’s done is done!

This piece was one of my favorite from university days. She was formed and tweaked while studying ceramics at Western Oregon University under professor Don Hoskisson. She was fired at East Creek Anagama (Nils Lou’s kiln) out in the hills around Willamina, OR. Blessed with large amounts of cobalt drifting off another artists work (possibly from Cindy Hoskisson) and delicate ash around the neckline, she was asked for by many. She had been residing in a safe dark cabinet until we had houseguests (and I had to do a little art sprucing up). Yesterday Nigel the cat had emergency surgery and required a room of his own. During the night in his dopey state trying to reach the windowsill, he pulled her off.

Here are the photos of the culprit and art.


cat body

3cm ragged gash sewn up. Nice work Dr. Moore!


The broken work.

kimono front

Back kimono

One cool thing is seeing how the cobalt was forced into the clay, making it blue to the core! Anagama firings are amazing!

Fortunately she will live on in  slide form.

Glue suggestions anyone?

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Death of the Ceramic Kimono

  1. A phenomenal mosaic awaits! Perhaps a mosaic portrait of said feline. Ella R. is also wonderful at incorporating pieces of precious items into (a mirror, for me) art keepsakes. But you are as clever.

  2. so sad..however do not send to trash heap..
    glue gently with epoxy, fill in gaps with copper tone plumbers putty then apply gold leaf where needed..not the same as perfect..wabi sabi

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Gold leaf and copper tone putty sound quite interesting! Might have to play with those ideas. 🙂

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