Oregon Trip

We spent a week hanging out with family that traveled out from Chicago and Austin. Actually they had all been here except the kids. This was their first trip to the Pacific Northwest and to the ocean. They were adopted from the Ukraine 4yrs ago & the youngest brother just came over last September.

The journey started Sandy Oregon, staying at a rental home on lots of acreage with a pond.

1 lake in sandy

The sisters, Sarah & Rachel, heading out in canoe.

6 girls canoe

David & Adam (w/mohawk) taking their turn getting ready to go under bridge.

7 David n Adam

What not to do in a boat. No Standing Up!

8 getting tippy

David, Kola & Sarah going for a spin. Kola looking apprehensive.

10 david kola sarah

On to the gorgeous Gorge! Only 100 degrees plus that day.


Sarah at Crown Point overlooking Columbia River.

14_ Sarah

Adam & David trying to check things out.


17_crown point vista

Multnomah Falls was a bit cooler. We stayed there for several hours before heading to Hood River for a Dairy Queen break.

18_multnomah falls

Dave at Timberline on Mt. Hood. Sun setting fast.


Mt. Jefferson in background, Timberline Lodge and an uncropped vehicle. The Williams fire was already in progress near Roseburg, hence the haze.

22_lodge n jefferson

23_mt hood

There was still snow accessible for those willing to hike a bit. A great first for the kids, snow in summer on a dormant volcano. Rachel & Paul below.

25_rachel n paul

Mary, Lois & Sarah in snow zone.

24_mary lois sarah at snow

Just after sunset looking south.


Mt. Jefferson again.

26_jefferson sunset

On to the beach portion of the trip. We stayed in Waldport and spent one afternoon at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Always a great hit with kids of any age.

Rachel & Sarah in the bird area.

30_smiling rachel n sarah

David too.

31_david at OCA

32_ tufted puffin

Say Ahhhh! Kids posing w/ ancient shark jaws.           Kola’s beach/ocean experience.

33_inside shark 33_kolas first beach swim

Another first for the kids. Whale watching out of Depot Bay. Paul & David watching for spouts. This is also before David became ill.

37_paul n david

Mary & Sarah hanging on watching. I was surprised they allowed a dog on board.

39_mary_sarah on boat

Rachel, Paul & David still watching out into the fog.

40_sarah rachel paul david on boat

Looking towards land and fog.

41_looking toward shore

42_look to shore

Otter rock from the north.

43_otter rock

Kola, Sarah, Dave & Jon. Kola discovered that boats are fun if you’re warm.

44_boats are fun

Heading back to port.

45_depot bay

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