Yachats Gathering

Once a year, when nephew Zac comes to Oregon, the family gathers in Yachats. We typically see him for only a day or two per year. It makes each trip very special. Mike & Shannon were unable to attend.

Kim & I instigated a new tradition “the family art project”. Last year we created tie-dyed t-shirts. Kim is our fiber artist in the group. This year stamp carving was on the agenda.

I picked up dollar store erasers and two pads of drawing paper for test printing.

Both young and semi-old participated.

Tom is working on his fish image.

Tom cutting

Tom examining cuts

Zac in action making sure he doesn’t stab his finger with the V gouge.

zac cutting

Dave concentrating on his design. We didn’t have enough surfaces for people to work on. Amazingly enough no one stabbed their legs or hands.

dave working

dave cutting

Kim figured out all eraser sides were possible to carve.

kim working

happy sister

Zac’s testing going well.

checking progress

Zac watching his dad work.

zac n tom

Lee in his favorite afternoon position.

Lee resting

George also resting from all the excitement.

resting george


……. ZAC……………..TOM ………………..KIM

Zac_Stamps_2009 Tom_Stamps Kim_Stamps

DAVE (who forgot everything reverses when stamped)


Ok, so the iris one was not created at this event, nor the tree or chop stamp. However the 2009 and geometric stamp were created on site.


After a tough job concentrating on stamp carving we moved onto a  rousing game of Balderdash that Z did quite well in!

Zac learning how to cheat from Aunty Kim.

learning balderdash

Sunday morning with his grandparents:  they think he’s a keeper!

parents w zac

After breakfast Kim & I took him to the Aquarium in Newport. Those photos to come later!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Yachats Gathering

  1. I love the photo’s and comments. I felt like I was there with everyone! Thanks for sharing these special moments. Kathy

    1. We all appreciate getting the chance to see him. What an amazing guy! I’ll send Zac a CD of images with a couple of other things.

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