Spring Snow 2012: day 2

Spring Snow 2012 Continued! Early afternoon on Wednesday I took a 2 mile loop with Moby. Very wet snow but a nice walk. Nearing the boardwalk Moby pointing at ducks in the marsh area. Our house before the extra snow. The snow kept falling for the entire day and increased after 6pm during our secondContinue reading “Spring Snow 2012: day 2”

Wait! I thought it was spring?!

Mother nature is certainly having some change of plans in the state of Oregon, well, everywhere I guess. Today, being the second day of spring, we are accumulating snow. Yes, that’s right, SNOW! This is extremely unusual for our area and the last noticeable snow was on March 1st. Now it’s the 21st and weContinue reading “Wait! I thought it was spring?!”