What a week! Yikes!

Oh man, what a week! It was filled with drama, beauty, fun and icky stuff and I’m super glad it’s finished! This weeks highlights: Saturday Breakfast: Egg quesadilla with chicken, avocado and tomatillo salsa! Thanks Dave for the yummy creation without cheese! Saturday afternoon I worked for the Arts Center from noon to 5pm. TheContinue reading “What a week! Yikes!”

Artists@Work: Final day images

The final show day was pretty laid back but filled with sparks of excitement.  The first spark was due to Julia selling her second work during the exhibit.   She was so surprised and honored! Congratulations Julia!!!! I really liked this piece. Our space felt more open, clean and ready for tear down at 5pm. IContinue reading “Artists@Work: Final day images”

Artists@Work: End of our Month

Hard to believe our time is ending.  Wednesday will be our final day together as the show wraps up. I have really enjoyed spending so many hours in the Arts Center Studio with Julia, Elaine & Kendal.  I’ll save my wrap up thoughts until another entry. Here are the photos of our “studio space” cleanedContinue reading “Artists@Work: End of our Month”

Artists@Work: Day 17

Today was the last Saturday of our exhibit and the Seed Pod workshop. Not knowing how many people would attend the workshop or how to deal with people coming in at different times was hard, but my two helpers did an excellent job! A total of 15 people came to play in paper, including  theContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 17”

Artists@Work: Day 16

Only Saturday, Tuesday & Wednesday left in the show! Friday’s progress: I managed to get out and purchase quite a few rolls of paper before heading into the “studio” and managed to cover over half of the structure. Kind of a ghostly skeleton branch structure. I’m thinking the leaves will remain uncovered for now. ManyContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 16”

Artists@Work: Day 15

There are only a few days remaining in this show. If you have not been by to see it, you better do it soon! Julia hung some of her finished work up a few days ago. She mentioned this is part of her routine when working. Is it done yet or not? It’s also beenContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 15”

Artists@Work: Day 12 to 14

Rain and grey skies filled this Sunday at the Arts Center. The number of people visiting was certainly diminished from the previous day. I think all of our energy had slipped out the door after Saturday. It would have been a good day to rest. We all had some lovely conversations with people. Friends cameContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 12 to 14”

Artists@Work: Days 10 & 11

Friday night just got too late to post anything and Saturday morning was filled quickly with heading into work. Day 10: We were treated to a couple of children’s camp events today. It was invention week at the Globetrotter camp and the robots were on parade! Love the flower power robot! Next up, after aContinue reading “Artists@Work: Days 10 & 11”

Artists@Work: Day 9

Wow! Has it already been nine days? Amazing! Again, a quick thanks to Kendal for all the great tunes. She knows how to keep us moving! Plus a thanks to the staff for passing along yummy cupcakes left from their “good bye” party for Courtney. She will be greatly missed by all the staff. Photos!Continue reading “Artists@Work: Day 9”

Artists@Work: day 8

Day 8: First off, I forgot to take photos today. The camera was in my bag but I neglected to pull it out.  Sorry folks! Tomorrow I promise to update you all. The artists talk drew in a large crowd, about 35 people. A huge thanks to all who attended. It was wonderful seeing soContinue reading “Artists@Work: day 8”