Artists@Work: Day 15

There are only a few days remaining in this show. If you have not been by to see it, you better do it soon!

Julia hung some of her finished work up a few days ago. She mentioned this is part of her routine when working. Is it done yet or not?

It’s also been fun to take shots of the artists at work!

Elaine worked the entire day on a train emerging from a tunnel and moving down the tracks. This shot was taken late in the day with the train mostly out of the tunnel.

Kendal was the grout queen today! I’m wondering if the blue stain will wash off her hands?

I like how people’s walls have changed over the weeks. Kendal has been doing charcoal rubbings of her glass before grouting.

She has also started working on another large piece.

More of her grouted works waiting to dry & get buffed clean.


On day 15, I determined my pulp was beaten past the point of use.  The strands of cellulose are so short they are unable to mesh together into a sheet. When I attempt to pull a sheet off the couching material (X heavy Pellon), it just pulls apart.  Not to mention it just falls through my mesh leaving holes and more instability.  I’m a newbie to the art so it might be something to do with my technique. More experimenting to come in the safety of my studio and no hand made paper for this project. Also I won’t be ordering a very fine beating of Abaca ever again. I won’t loose my entire investment, only some. The remaining pulp will be frozen and added to coarser pulp at a later time.

Plan B to start on Day 16 using rolls of tracing paper and glue. Won’t be the same effect, but it should look ok with the lights shining through. Also getting things ready for the pod & seed workshop, which has also shifted gears due to lack of fresh paper. Oh well! Just rolling with everything right now!

Below is the one image taken of the paper.  I think I prefer to make my mistakes at home  behind closed doors rather than in front of a watching public eye!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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