Portals Project: Second idea in the works

Last month I agreed to participate in the November/December show at the Arts Center. This years theme is “Portals”. Wow, where do I head out from there? Actually I currently have two projects in the works and both are very different from each other. Project #1 involves wire armatures & pig gut. A definite comfortContinue reading “Portals Project: Second idea in the works”

Albany Art & Air Festival: Balloon Launch Saturday

Albany Art & Air Festival is in swing again! Friday the hot air balloon launch was canceled due to an amazing electrical storm that passed through during the early morning. Fortunately today is beautiful. The skies are filled with August harvest dust making for hazy sunlight.  We missed the majority of launches but managed toContinue reading “Albany Art & Air Festival: Balloon Launch Saturday”

Framed Botanical Silhouettes

This week I’ve finally been working on product for sale! Framed Botanical Silhouettes: Forest Series Bracken Fern Queen Anne’s Lace Frame dimensions: 10″x 10″x 1.75″ Paper cut: 4″x 4″ The framed work is ready to hang or rest on a shelf. Maybe I’ll finally get an etsy site up and going or take a coupleContinue reading “Framed Botanical Silhouettes”

Making Paper: The Start – Harvesting plants

Since taking a workshop back in July 2010, I’ve been seriously contemplating creating my own paper from start to finish. This is the year to go for it! I’ll be utilizing a couple of books written by Helen Hiebert, an amazing paper artist in Portland (and the one I took a Paper in 3D classContinue reading “Making Paper: The Start – Harvesting plants”

Completed Bamboo Leaf Paper Box

Over the month of July I was slowly working on a commissioned box. Cheryl had really enjoyed the creation made for a mutual friend and wanted one made for her husband’s birthday. The size is smaller but the overall motif very similar. Below are the images of the finished box: 12″ x 10″ x 4.5″Continue reading “Completed Bamboo Leaf Paper Box”

Branch Sculpture in new home!

Wow! What can I say except it’s finally in a new permanent home!  Hurray!! After a couple of hours of branch wrangling, Jerri & I had it attached to the ceiling and stable. Whew! Delivery & installation a success with one extra nail hole punched in the wall. One more thing checked off my “toContinue reading “Branch Sculpture in new home!”