Artists@Work: Day 12 to 14

Rain and grey skies filled this Sunday at the Arts Center. The number of people visiting was certainly diminished from the previous day. I think all of our energy had slipped out the door after Saturday. It would have been a good day to rest.

We all had some lovely conversations with people. Friends came and went.

Kendal Hathaway was gluing glass down on wood.

Elaine shifted gears and moved onto a new sheet of paper. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of all the sanding & erasing remains that reside on the floor.

Julia seemed to enjoy the quieter day, especially when the other 3 artists were off on a break.

Day 13 I heard was quiet. Personally, I hung at home prepping my screen, getting things ready for paper making. The pulp finally arrived after 3pm and I was super happy!

Day 14: small crowds today. Most of my day was spent trying to get things organized and producing paper.

Kendal was grouting great work.


Elaine had started a new drawing. She mentioned her still photo images did not work out well. A different approach has been started.


Julia helped some folks do photo transfers and started working on a dog collage. Can’t wait to see this one finished! Below is a collage she was working on at the end of the day. Like the lace!

I finished my day in deep frustration over screen problems. Over the course of the day there were about 5 trips to the hardware store, one trip to the fabric store, and nothing helped the immediate problem. However I totally switched screen material and now have aluminum  screen in place. This should hopefully solve the problem. Maybe I’ll find time to photograph the work on Day 15.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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