Artists@Work: End of our Month

Hard to believe our time is ending.  Wednesday will be our final day together as the show wraps up. I have really enjoyed spending so many hours in the Arts Center Studio with Julia, Elaine & Kendal.  I’ll save my wrap up thoughts until another entry.

Here are the photos of our “studio space” cleaned up and ready for the reception.

Elaine’s space became free of drop cloths laden with sanded paper & charcoal dust. Images have been re-arranged and a laptop brought in to show her YouTube clip. Please check out her blog page Black Thumb Art where she will have a link.

Kendal’s space changed dramatically too. She spent her day adding wire on the backs of the mosaics and getting them placed. She also incorporated her charcoal rubbings into the display. Nice touch!

Julia was still hard at work on unresolved images up until the party. She is a tenacious worker! Her wall became filled with images of summer: corn, tomatoes, kale and bright colors all connected with the change of season.

On Monday, I completed covering my branches with paper and a layer of acrylic medium. Pods were redistributed over the form and leaves finally attached. An additional electrical plug was found so all the lights could be on for the party.

Branch with pods

Looking up.

This pod was created by Cynthia Spencer

On to the ending reception images. Below is one of the exhibition committee members, Peggy, having Kendal explain her large mosaic. Kendal happens to be low and not visible.  We all appreciated the positive support from the committee members.

Elaine talking with friends while Bill Shumway & granddaughter check out her video.

Cynthia arrives! I’ve certainly appreciated all her support over the past few months leading up to and through the exhibit. She & the Corvallis Fall Festival board are great to work for. Back to work on Monday!

Evening light is quite nice on the sculpture and one of the main reasons I chose this corner to work in.  Judy Sander in the green will be the next show at the Arts Center. We’re really looking forward to seeing 10 years of her work displayed.

Thanks to all who came by for the closing reception!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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