Artists@Work: Day 9

Wow! Has it already been nine days? Amazing!

Again, a quick thanks to Kendal for all the great tunes. She knows how to keep us moving! Plus a thanks to the staff for passing along yummy cupcakes left from their “good bye” party for Courtney. She will be greatly missed by all the staff.

Photos! Lots of photos today.

First off, we had a reporter come visit our group today and interview each artist. I couldn’t pass the chance to get a candid photo of him photographing Julia! Think the article will come out next week. Maybe in the Entertainer? Not certain.

We all enjoyed talking to him and hopefully the article comes together well.

Art work! Let’s start with Julia:

The below image is one I tried to explain in day 8 notes.  Much better to see the real thing!

The below image is one for sale, or so I believe! It’s one of my favorites.

Ok, now on to Kendal Hathaway! I took photos of her work before the day really got going and then at the end of the day.

And now later in the afternoon…

Love the blue grout Kendal mixed using Julia’s pigments.

Elaine produced a couple more seconds onto her original grouping. The images appear and then change throughout the day. Below are a couple shots of the changes taking place plus a sketch and her great chalk board.

The second image has a bit more clarity to the people’s forms.

sketches posted above the drawing scene.

And her great chalk board which she takes notes on to remember later. What a great method!

Ok, now on to the last artist, ME! First below image is from day 8 when nothing really happened. And below that is day nine progress. I’m thinking it will just remain one branch emerging from the wall.

Still waiting for the paper pulp to arrive. Maybe tomorrow??? More fun to be had on day 10!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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