Artists@Work: Days 10 & 11

Friday night just got too late to post anything and Saturday morning was filled quickly with heading into work.

Day 10: We were treated to a couple of children’s camp events today. It was invention week at the Globetrotter camp and the robots were on parade!

Love the flower power robot!

Next up, after a quick costume change, was a PLAY they created & wrote! The kids created all the scenery & cars. We watched for most of it then headed back into the center. The parents were loving it all!

Not much of day 10 images from inside the gallery. Here is one of Elaine’s drawings.

The branching structure has maxed out. If I were to go higher, I wouldn’t be able to get up into the canopy to cover all the branches.

Day 11: Da Vinci Days brought in well over 350 visitors Saturday plus an extra indoor event: The Peace Mandala.

Below image was taken late in the day when crowds had thinned. We were all amazed at the number of people coming through.

What I produced today: LEAVES! They happened to be easy to create while talking to people (plus not a lot of wire flipping around!)

Still waiting for my paper pulp to arrive but there are plenty of other components to work through. We have now tipped the half way point and I’m feeling pretty anxious about getting the coverings on.  Received great response on the leaves from many people and even had a new friend come and try her hand at making leaves.

Next weekend is my seed workshop. I’ll be putting folks to work on making seeds to pack into pod forms. Should be a fun time. I’ll try to get more images of Kendal & Julia’s progress today. With all the rain, we will probably get a fair number of people visiting Sunday.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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