Little projects


In this time of pandemic, my husband and I stay home for work and life. He’s taken over the main space downstairs and I occupy my cluttered 10’x10′ room.  He’s fully connected to his co-workers in the Seattle area and gets to have a bit of social time online with them. Productivity seems to be increasing as he gets more comfortable with his new schedule.

The critters are still wondering what’s up with their humans being home all the time. The dogs wander around, wondering why we’re not taking them out walking at every opportunity. The cats do whatever they want, attacking me as I come upstairs for a tea break. Play time happens almost every hour! The cockatoo seems to get into screaming fits when Dave is on his morning conference calls. Oh the joys of a busy household.

I’m still trying to get used to the new work situation. Isolation is the norm for studio work, besides the critter company, and I feel stunted with another person in my space. A ceramics space has actually been created in the garage for when I REALLY need to get away from him and have quiet. Food seems to be on the brain constantly. Do we have enough so no one has to venture out? What amazing dish can I create to distract myself from the increasing numbers and stupidity from the orange nutcake in office? I’m certainly concerned for my extended family and friends who are elderly or have major medical problems. Just trying to keep calm and carry on with my work, enjoy life and everything I can get out to experience.

Yesterday we tried to retrieve our “fixed”car from the dealership 75 miles away. It was an impressive drive full of big dark clouds and sunshine on bright green landscape. Everything seemed wonderful. Unfortunately the car had other plans and will be staying longer. What was “fixed” wasn’t fixed. 3 hours of driving were just for distraction. Dave was a bit pissed since he had to take off so many hours of work.

Rabbits are taking the front stage for creative work right now. The above photo is my first attempt at a full body armature. It wasn’t quite right, but round 2 is possibly better. Lots of practice to get things right. I’ll post images tomorrow of the completed angora bun.

I hope everyone is staying home and keeping safe. Are you working on new projects? Creating a different living space? Eating more? I would love to hear.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Little projects

  1. I’m loving your rabbits! They are very joyful. I have been working from home since the 16th. We were told not to come back to work until the end of April. The transition was pretty easy for me and I do appreciate the dogs coming to visit. The commute is perfect. The zoom meetings (video conference) is kind of nice, just not all the time. I just had a happy hour with some of my coworkers. It’s been fun seeing their homes. John and I get out for a long walk everyday and that has really helped. We have had a plant based diet for a long time so cooking is not an issue, it’s kind of nice being together in the kitchen. Overall its been okay and if it helps to keep the virus from spreading I’m all for it! Take care Gale and keep posting your rabbits!

    1. I’m glad things are going well for you and John. With all the people transitioning to working at home, I wonder if some of these jobs will continue as home commuting. Dave has been learning that most of what he does can be accomplished at home with a good phone/computer system. Maybe we’ll be fixing up the extra bedroom for his work space! I love that you had happy hour via Zoom and your co-workers! That’s the best!
      Keep enjoying your cooking and life together. I’ll keep the happy critters coming!

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