Angora-ish rabbit

outdoor angora3_geverettstudiooutdoor angora4_geverettstudioFelted Angora Rabbit: top viewFelted Angora Rabbit: back view


Yesterday I managed to finish off the rabbit and I’m pretty happy with this little guy. Still have plenty more to learn! I’ll start the next rendition tomorrow. Today I completed the faces for the final batch of lamb wool dryer balls. All they need now is a wash, dry, box up and off to Texas.  I came to the conclusion that creating dryer balls wasn’t worth the time and energy. There might be one more small order from my dear neighbor, but that’s it. Moving on to the sculpture world!

This bunny already has an interested party in Portland, but she’s willing to wait until I get a few more under my belt before selling. It certainly makes me feel happy to know that they will find homes.

I signed up a few months back for a pretty amazing workshop taught by scuptural felting artist Kiyoshi Mino, but that will probably be cancelled pretty quick! Oh well. So it goes in the time of Covid-19.

Thanks for checking in! More to come tomorrow!


rabbit created using core wool from my friend’s sheep, top coat using blended shetland and merino wool. Interior has a wire armature.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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