Is it really mid-November?


I’m rather puzzled as to how we’re now at mid-month and I don’t know where time has gone. Ok, I did spend several days doing inventory/banking/clean-up after Open Studio. Then I went to the coast for 5 days with the dog. Last week was all about trying to train the dog for our next adventure. This didn’t go well, in fact the dog problems worsened as each day progressed. The next trip is looming and we’re still uncertain if we will go (thanks to Mr Moby’s brain chemistry issues). I’ve also been delaying passport renewal because of the uncertainty. Fortunately, there is an express service (expensive) that will get it to me in 3 days.  Below is a photo of him during part of my birthday hike exploration. He and I scoped out part of a trail we would hike the next day during an impressive storm.

trail buddy


Yes, we are finally receiving some weather involving rain and cooler temps. My birthday happened to be a gorgeous day. The following day was a full on storm with high winds and loads of rain. Perfect for a 6 mile hike in the woods with over 800 ft elevation gain. We came back totally drenched and aching. Moby and I curled up in bed with a heating pad, hot tea and a good book. By the next morning I could walk again without joint pain. So far, my feet are holding up and allowing moderate walks again.


While at the coast, I fully anticipated completing the final sketchbook project. It’s strange how my energy still isn’t there for finishing this beautiful piece. I had hoped to have it completed well before Anna returned home, but alas, it’s not there. My body/brain is still needing more down time to adjust and recover from everything. I did take along a bag of paperclay that a friend had given me years ago. It still was workable and I played with creating a rabbit head. I would love to pull out some real clay and make some more critters.


By Tuesday night, I will know if the trip is on. Today I’ll put in my paperwork and application for the passport renewal. It needs to be done anyway. Maybe I’ll start my undersketches in Anna’s book. It would make me feel so much better to get it started.

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14 thoughts on “Is it really mid-November?

    1. That’s still my plan! Right now we are trying to head south to use a time share we purchased during an auction. However, we are traveling with friends who normally watch our dog (and we watch theirs). Not the smartest move for any of us!

      1. It was supposed to be a woof free holiday. Now Moby won’t be without us. The trip was canceled.

      2. Oh dear. Poor Moby. Is he getting on a bit? Sparta was in a strop for a little while when we came back from Iceland but it didn’t last long. She’s cwtched next to me on the bed, purring like a train now.

      3. Sweet Sparta! I’m glad she didn’t hold back for long. Moby’s problems possibly stem from a bad breeder or a combination of bad initial home life. We will never know but there is a tendency for seizures in that breed. Our first pointer would go into serious seizures when over stimulated, but nothing malicious. She lived to the ancient age of 16.5years. Moby is only 5.5 years now.

  1. Beautiful spot on the coast! There’s no rush with the book – I am just about to head off again, this time to the UK, not back till the New Year. So you can make it a New Year project if you like. I have forgotten what it is like, so it will be a lovely surprise!

    1. So when I finish it, should it be sent to the PO box or home? Just curious since our trip is now cancelled. 😕

    1. Thanks Cathe! Unfortunately our trip to Mazatlan is now cancelled. The remaining couple received notice that the surgery planned in March was moved up to Wednesday! Such a surprise, but well worth the trip cancellation. Plus the dog issue wasn’t really sorted out. It wasn’t in the stars for this year!

    1. It’s certainly easier to use than normal ceramics and air dries. Non toxic and no real mess. Cleans up with water. It would be great for holiday fun.
      Yes, our trips this year were not terribly successful. At least our Hawaii holiday last spring was good. Nothing else has panned out. 😊

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