Is it really mid-November?

I’m rather puzzled as to how we’re now at mid-month and I don’t know where time has gone. Ok, I did spend several days doing inventory/banking/clean-up after Open Studio. Then I went to the coast for 5 days with the dog. Last week was all about trying to train the dog for our next adventure.Continue reading “Is it really mid-November?”

Coastal Break

We took an extended break in Yachats last weekend to try and recuperate from everything. We both had been stricken with some horrible nasty cold thing from the previous weekend (out with people and small children at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum). Fortunately, the coast was warm and super sunny Fri through Sun. MondayContinue reading “Coastal Break”

Oregon Coast Flight: March 2013

We had some beautiful weather while staying in Yachats for 5 days. On Saturday, we connected up with our friend Alex who lives about 12 miles north of us. Since the weather was so good, truly amazing for this time of the year, we were treated to a little flight time. Grey whales are headingContinue reading “Oregon Coast Flight: March 2013”