Coastal Break

Moby-coast window

We took an extended break in Yachats last weekend to try and recuperate from everything. We both had been stricken with some horrible nasty cold thing from the previous weekend (out with people and small children at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum). Fortunately, the coast was warm and super sunny Fri through Sun. Monday things shifted and rain set in. Why not hack, cough and snuffle somewhere with a view, no internet, and hardly any cell coverage.

heceta head1heceta head2 - Copy

We did a drive south to Florence on Sunday to pick up items for house projects. On the way back we hiked the “Hobbit Trail” just north of Heceta Head Lighthouse (in the above photo).

ocean drive

We also spent time in our local zone. The walk along Ocean Drive is always nice in Yachats, well, when the sun is out! Ooodles of brown Pelicans were flying south in short and long strings. No whales sighted while we were out.

zeek ocean drive

Above: Zeek looking towards town. He was feeling more chipper than the last trip. So good, he went over 1/2 mile down Patterson beach (Waldport) without us in order to find a dead western grebe and bring it back. I think he would have been an excellent gun dog because he has the softest mouth. Too bad he almost never returns when called! We need to work on that more.

yachats beach1

running dogs

The pack!

yachats beach2

Zeek & Reggie

sand texture

Ridges in the sand.

Overall, it was a lovely trip. Happy to have had to chance to escape for a bit and worry about other things. The birds and cats were most pleased to see us return!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Coastal Break

    1. Sometimes I wish we lived at the coast in order to make running dogs easier. I really need to spend a good week out at the house to tackle more overdue maintenance issues. Possibly in November when winter storms might start hitting! 😀

    1. It IS a lot of doggage! Especially when wet and sandy! It takes me forever to vacuum and clean up the house before leaving.
      Slowly getting better. I might actually get something done today! 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen! It was a nice trip but our bodies are still recovering. The dogs are wanting to head back out there this weekend! I think they need to learn to drive themselves…. 😉

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