Second Frost

frost thistle
Frost and Thistle

Frost. There is always something special about the first (or the second) frost of the season. It pushes the fact that yes, the seasons are changing. Of course, we would have missed this beautiful experience if the Mexico Thanksgiving holiday had gone through. So far the weather forecast is rain on Monday, shifting to freezing temps through the weekend and even a threat of snow. Hmmm, certainly not what we expect for this time of year. Where is our rainy soggy fall?

Fall Blackberry leaves. Natural stained glass.

The wild birds are needing more attention these days.  The birdbath and hummingbird feeder require morning defrosting. The regular feeders are being seriously depleted on a daily basis.

fall frost
Filbert (Hazelnut) Leaves

I’m looking forward to some of the chilly weather since it offers possible frosty photographs. This is the time of year that helps spur my interest in lines, shadows, and silhouettes. My brain is calming down and starting to look for patterns and interest in creating.

Frosty Metal 1
Frosty Metal 2

Frosty aged metal is another great find in the backyard. The above images are from different sides of the same metal fence post. I’ve taken photos of this post a couple years back. It’s nice to revisit. Maybe this week will bring even more interesting rusty frosty finds!

frost moby

And one final pic of my trusty companion. He really wanted to join me in the far back section of the yard (the unfenced wilds), but no luck there buddy! Mr. “I Don’t Listen To A Word You Say”. Yes, you can stay in the upper yard and eat bunny poo. Let me take my photos in peace. 😉

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

18 thoughts on “Second Frost

  1. Its gotten really cold here too, snow on the deck this morning. Snow flurries do excite me too. Your pictures are beautiful, nice to slowdown and see the beauty in the season as it changes.

    1. Your winters are ones I don’t think I would enjoy. Of course, I’ve not tried a super cold and snowy environment, so I really shouldn’t say. For now, I’ll continue to enjoy it through your blog! 🙂

      1. Yuck! I can’t imagine what would draw a child into putting one of those slimy things in their mouth. Oh, wait till he gets married and you can bring out all those great stories for the bride!

  2. lovely images. Our pup screeched “You horrible, mean people” the whole time we cleaned gutters today. Sorry a get-away couldn’t happen this year. SOON I hope.

    1. Dave has only managed one out of 3 planned vacations. Hopefully the vacation gods will smile upon us next year with some goodies! Plus we’ve banked up several lost trips with Delta and we only have one year to redeem the credit!

    1. Seems like you should get in at least a little freeze by the time you leave London. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Enjoy the visit with your daughter!

    1. Thanks Judith! I really like how metal ages outdoors. Then add frost and it’s magical. Of course, more frost was needed for a better effect. 😉

    1. The mountains received a good dose of snow. We are keeping pretty cool around here. Hoping the temps will increase more when the rain comes next week. 🙂

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