Mom’s Heart: Nov 11th.

Breaking news from Dr. Tran’s office! She doesn’t seem to have any problems in her throat!

This morning she went in for a “scoping” of her throat. Not certain how far down he went, but certainly far enough! Dr. Tran saw no evidence of any swelling, redness, irritation or negative problem. He was planning on giving her the “Swallow Test” on some machine. If she swallows fine, he will yank her feeding tube and force her to eat.  He now suspects its become a mental block and she needs tough love to get over this hurdle.

Friday there is another appointment scheduled with a gastroenterologist (or however one might spell it). Still uncertain who ordered it.

That’s all the news fit to write for today.

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3 thoughts on “Mom’s Heart: Nov 11th.

    1. Edema is improving, just not at a rapid rate. She did have a 1 pound loss over a day all due to liquid. Her legs are still leaky though. She has been walking with Lee several times during the day. Think they are up to 4x/day. I’ll probably head down tomorrow to check in. She was pretty disappointed from Dr T’s evaluation. She did fail the swallow test. Not certain what that means.
      Glad you’re checking in!

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