Ceramics Workshop: Ginger Steele

On October 31, I was invited to attend a workshop given by ceramic artist Ginger Steele. She produces beautifully decorated hand-built pottery. Her business is Insomnia Pottery. Here are some images from the workshop: Ginger measuring out her rolled slab. She uses quilting squares for measuring. Next she bevels the top edge and sides. ThisContinue reading “Ceramics Workshop: Ginger Steele”

Reliquary Project: Inspiration

Back at the beginning of October, the write-up for exhibit bid book was due.  Hummm, I didn’t make that date.  Hester kindly reminded us slackers on Oct16 that they were due by the 19th. So where did my inspiration come from? Let me pass along what I wrote: Back in late July of this year,Continue reading “Reliquary Project: Inspiration”