Mom’s Heart: Day 24

Today, Sunday, Evelyn had quite a few visitors (8 total). Harold & Lindsay stopped by after church. Lee made his early morning jaunt in and out. Kim was there around 2:30 with a pair of sweatpants for her to try. Her legs have been quite cold of late.  Kim mentioned that her leg seemed to be slowly healing. The nurses were  performing saline soaks during the day. Exercise has been going well. She is now up to 14 minutes on the recumbent machine twice daily! Today she took a shower with an assistant’s help. At 3pm, Mimi came to hook Evelyn up to the feeding machine. She still has the nasal feeding tube installed. No word yet from her doctor. Evelyn did have a conversation with her primary physicians assistant.  Maybe things will start moving forward with the contact.

Her mouth problems have grown worse on the medications, so she has discontinued use. Her choice. She knows her body best. When Dave and I arrived around 3pm, we had to search the facility to find her. She was outside taking a stroll with Mike, Shannon & Kim. I snuck in a couple of candid shots while she wasn’t looking! Don’t tell her I took them! The weather was beautiful and a balmy 63. Just warm enough to get sap and pine needles stuck to her socks.

Evelyn Rehab1

Above Image from Left to Right: Shannon, Mike, Evelyn and Kim

Evelyn Rehab2

Above image from Left to Right: Kim’s shoulder, Dave playing w/ pine needles, Evelyn, Shannon & Mike.

It’s great to see her upright and walking!!!!

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One thought on “Mom’s Heart: Day 24

  1. Being outside heals body and spirit. Thank you for the ‘visual’ and the great journal of Evelyn’s recovery. We send positive thoughts your way and know ‘this to shall pass’. Love, Marilyn and Ron

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