Mom’s Heart: Nov 29

Here are the updates from the Evelyn front:

This week hasn’t been comfortable for her. She made a trip to Dr. B’s for a stern pep-talk on Tuesday. The doctor prescribed no tube feeding for 48hrs, then feed for one session and pull the tube Friday.  Dave & I stopped by for a visit on Turkey day to discover a very unhappy mother unwilling to eat or visit. Brought Dave to tears. I wasn’t much better, but held it together until the car ride to the house. We went shopping & prepared a pork roast with figs, garlic & Pinot noir, plus mashed potatoes, cranberries, and lots of yummy snacks. Mike & Shannon brought 3 pies. An unusual Thanksgiving but at least it was tasty!

According to Kim, the tube was removed on Friday but she had not increased her self-feeding levels. No food is ever right in taste, texture, temperature, or anything. She has been adamantly using only plastic utensils up til now due to a taste difference (she could taste the metal or it felt bad in her mouth). On Saturday she started using the metal utensils offered on her food tray.  What caused the switch? We don’t know. Tom also came for  a quick visit and headed back over the mountains.

So that’s the basics. Tube removed & still not eating enough to keep her going. There was an EKG done the week prior and something about her having a heart attack…. but the doctors did not pass any information to Lee or her primary physician.

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3 thoughts on “Mom’s Heart: Nov 29

  1. Fighting my own ‘bug’ this week. Can’t seem to figure out what it is or how to cure it, but I keep drinking beer figuring the alcohol will kill the ‘bug’.

    Pork roast with figs, garlic, & Pinot Noir. Sounds yummy.

    Stiff upper lip and all that jazz. Love, Marilyn and Ron “the Zonies”

  2. We just got off the phone with dad and he said the Evelyn looked much better on his last visit and that Evelyn was in a much better mood. We are so happy to hear good news about our aunty. We have been thinking about her every day and we are hoping to get to visit with her in the near future. We also hope all our cousins are doing well and staying warm while getting ready for the Christmas festivities. It looks a lot like Christmas here in Klamath Falls with about an inch of snow falling today.
    Kindest regards of the season,
    Bob & Gayle

  3. Have the doctors talked about what you all might be able to do about possible depression? Obstinance sometimes is just a lack of energy to do the right thing when one is feeling that blue! Hope things are working out better in the nutrition dept as that is necessary for getting better!

    xxoo to Kim and You all.

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