Oh so close, but not yet finished!

Tuesday my eyes and lower back were acting up.  Just what I need right now! The eye thing is probably allergy related. Anyway, I experienced several glitches with the screen. First, I struggled with deciding where to draw the line between color 6 & 7.  The darker values are a lot harder to decipher. More prep before jumping in would have helped.  After making that decision, I had an overly happy brush that got carried away with screen filler. I ended up having to scrub out and redo the dog’s eye and another section. At least I caught my mistake before going forward on the good images!

By the end of the day I really only had one color down and a testing of the next. The first image is the 6th color.


I’ve also run out of transparent base so there will be a bit of a break before completing the image. In fact, I’m not certain I have enough to finish the run of purple (color 7). Not a real problem since I want to fidget with the image a tad more. The print below was one of my test pieces (printed on the back of an old print, recycling at it’s best!) showing the application of purple. Tuesday night I placed my order for the last 3 frames and more transparent base.


The shirt folds are more pronounced and his glasses show that much more. Julie now has a true liver nose and wonderful dark lips.

Thanks for checking in!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Oh so close, but not yet finished!

  1. Gale,
    I am so impressed on how this print came together. And thank you for sharing all the stages, it really shows what a hand pulled print is. The skills and decision making it requires, how to separate all those layers, how to decide on colors so they will come together as the image. Awesome!

    1. Hester, receiving a comment from you is always an honor and a compliment on top of that! Thank you!
      Screen printing certainly involves so many layers of decision making. Every once in a while I pull out old images from school and have a good laugh. They are currently going through the “print recycling” program of a cheap artist (me). It has taken me awhile to get this far with printing, but I have a long ways to go. 🙂

    1. 🙂
      It boggles my mind! Pricing all of them will also be impressive since I don’t know where to start. Etsy folks undervalue 90% of the work out there…I think it will be a crap shoot for this show.
      Waiting for more Extender Base to finish my colors and start the new image!

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