Cleaning screens and starting fresh

Friday afternoon I decided to start yet another screen print of Moby. I’ve been hesitant to start due to the unresolved problems surrounding the last image (still in the works). What a great opportunity to try a new batch of extender uncovered from my dad’s studio. The label says it’s Speedball Extender, but it mightContinue reading “Cleaning screens and starting fresh”

Oregon Coast Flight: March 2013

We had some beautiful weather while staying in Yachats for 5 days. On Saturday, we connected up with our friend Alex who lives about 12 miles north of us. Since the weather was so good, truly amazing for this time of the year, we were treated to a little flight time. Grey whales are headingContinue reading “Oregon Coast Flight: March 2013”


What a great way to start spring. For the past 18 years, I’ve celebrated our wedding date. One of my best art friends also celebrates her birthday. Happy Birthday Carol!  Today is especially sweet for receiving the official email for a juried show entered last month. At first glance, blurry eyed and no coffee inContinue reading “Accepted!”

Is he done yet?

The border collie named Rogue has been in the works for a year now and I’m happy to report he’s almost done! He’s certainly come a long way in the past couple of weeks. Today’s state proof is close to completion. Part of me is wanting to pop out a bit more white on hisContinue reading “Is he done yet?”

Rogue Progress

It’s sunny and over 60 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m inside working on a print. Hmm, somethings wrong here! Anyway, Rogue has been waiting for so long to get attention and today is his day! I used Daniel Smith black water soluble ink to proof it. The stuff dries way too quickly and doesn’t even likeContinue reading “Rogue Progress”

Zeek Progress

With illness abated and energy levels rising, I’m finally starting to focus on printmaking again.  Zeek received a little attention today and proofed in black ink. I’m slowly sneaking up on his nose because it’s one area I feel less confident. Nose texture is so different than hair!  The teeth, tongue and gums are alsoContinue reading “Zeek Progress”

Starting Zeek

Dog Block print#5. Oh, my dear fuzzy friend Zeek.  He’s become quite a lovely Labradoodle as he’s grown up. His big brother Reggie was my second attempt at doggie block prints.  Now it’s time for this curly guy. The image was taken last fall during my dad’s wake. Working from the photo, I transferred theContinue reading “Starting Zeek”

Screen Woes

I feel like I’ve stacked the deck for failure with this print by incorporating way too many variables. First, I chose to use a different screen and registration system. Both of which are yielding enormous headaches on their own. Then I chose an image with  multiple value changes. Not a horrible thing, but certainly moreContinue reading “Screen Woes”