Following a path

How did I get here with my art? I never imagined creating pet portraits of friends and family dogs for a show (and being paired with a painter of space aliens? That’s an interesting twist if I ever get all my dogs done!). Blame could be allocated to an art friend Judith Sander, who encouragedContinue reading “Following a path”

Sunday colors

I got a break from dog walking/care today. My husband took Moby out for a huge walk at Peavy.  Sunshine and beautiful blue sky, though it’s not super warm. This break allowed me to stay home and work through a few colors on the next screen print. Not feeling the love on color 3, butContinue reading “Sunday colors”

New print start

Finally, a new print started! Below is a photo of the white screen with the initial dose of screen filler. Voila! Color! The first color down and it’s certainly peachy. We shall see how the colors shift in this image (I’m not certain at the moment which is the fun part).  You can probably tellContinue reading “New print start”

First entry of the year

The Umpqua Valley Art Association, located in Roseburg, placed their annual call to artists. After a week of deliberation I decided to enter.  Today, being the final entry day (must be postmarked with this date), I pulled out a couple of sculptural images with potential. I would love to enter the leaf coat but itContinue reading “First entry of the year”

Changing screens

Today, I took a break from dealing with the estate to do another chore holding up the next print. Screen prep! My father left behind many frames for screen printing. Most are empty, some have one system for holding screens in place, others have the revised method. Four screens still have images of his workContinue reading “Changing screens”

Mystery Screen: color 5 and finished

Well, the mystery certainly left in color 4. So, here is the fifth and final color. The ink wasn’t dry when I took the shot so there happens to be a bit of glare from overhead lights and doesn’t look very dark. But it’s finished. It’s so finished I’ve already signed and bundled up theContinue reading “Mystery Screen: color 5 and finished”

Mystery Screen: color 4

It’s not much of a mystery any more. Yes, this color certainly brought out the “dog” in the print. I’ve been having fun working with the same container of ink but just altering the values as I go. Add a little more blue, more red, more extender and there ya go. Mr “Counter Surfer” extraordinaireContinue reading “Mystery Screen: color 4”

Mystery screen: color 3

Here is color 3: Since this is the beginning of the year and I’m trying to get myself better organized, I’ve started to finally keep notes on paper I like for printmaking. So far, my preference is leaning heavily to BFK Rives for screen and etching processes. It accepts ink evenly yet continues to layContinue reading “Mystery screen: color 3”

Discovering Lost Blocks

April is looming! Especially since I have a 2 person show of dog prints and my print portfolio hasn’t increased much over the past year. You may think that’s months away, right?  Well, I don’t work quickly on prints when my brain is taxed with other events. To help clear mental cobwebs, I spent aContinue reading “Discovering Lost Blocks”

Another print in progress

Here are the first two colors of a reduction screen print. I’m not going to say what the subject happens to be. You’ll just have to wait to find out. Hopefully it actually turns out ok… if not, you might not see the rest of it! 🙂 This is my newly acquired drying rack system.Continue reading “Another print in progress”