Following a path

How did I get here with my art? I never imagined creating pet portraits of friends and family dogs for a show (and being paired with a painter of space aliens? That’s an interesting twist if I ever get all my dogs done!). Blame could be allocated to an art friend Judith Sander, who encouraged pursuing this line of printmaking during a mutual friends birthday, along with many others since then. For the party I happened to create a little image of a terrier slightly resembling one the birthday boy had just lost (due to age). Most likely this adventure is due to living with dogs for 20 years. They start to rub off on you. Maybe this is what normal artists do, find a subject and explore it. In some ways, I guess I’ve been doing this all along but not paying a bit of attention. Apparently this path needs to be followed until it branches or hits a dead end. It has a way of stretching my brain in different ways and pulling at a desire to work with color. You can click on the Prints section in the overhead bar to see some of the images thus far, but not all are up. They are coming slowly amongst the layers of life.

And now another dog has slipped into the works. Duke, the faithful companion of my friend Pam, passed away over a week ago. He was everything to her.


Looks like a worthy subject for another print. I love all his color markings. Not certain what technique to apply. After Pam  saw the recent” Counter Surfer” image, she requested Duke in color. Possibly another screen print on the way. I think I can manage that as long as it’s not a painting. *sigh* the shoes for my niece are still in the works…. a painful process that I will eventually get through… and possibly post photos of.


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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