Discovering Lost Blocks

April is looming! Especially since I have a 2 person show of dog prints and my print portfolio hasn’t increased much over the past year. You may think that’s months away, right?Β  Well, I don’t work quickly on prints when my brain is taxed with other events. To help clear mental cobwebs, I spent a little quality time last week cleaning out flat file drawers. There I discovered a missing unfinished block. Actually 2 of the same dog (Rogue a border collie). I vaguely recall getting rather discouraged with the image and starting over. Now I need to decide which to finish.

Block #1:


Block #2


These 6″x6″ test prints were created using a grey ink. I’m feeling pulled to complete Block #2 since the image is feeling more controlled. Rogue will have a baseball nestled in between his face and paw.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

14 thoughts on “Discovering Lost Blocks

    1. If that’s what the gallery wants, that’s what you’ll get! The owners liked the first one too. I seem to recall thinking Block #1 started looking like a crazy lemur, but what’s what my brain does.
      I had no idea you kept track of me via the blog Hester. You’re sneaky!

    1. I was wondering what happened to them.
      Cleaning out the studio every so often can be a good thing!
      So glad you’re getting up and out! Congrats on your show!

    1. I think #1 has won. Wild and crazy look it is!

      Oh, dear Robson. The only dog I’ve met who climbs ladders to get onto decks with no stairs. What a good dog he was!

  1. Oh Gale this brings joy to my heart to see these out again. It was one year ago Friday we lost him. How fabulous to see him again! Thank you, Thank you my friend!

    1. Tracie, I’m sorry it’s taken this long for a little bit of Rogue to come your way. He will FINALLY be completed soon. Much sooner than later! πŸ˜‰
      We’re also getting close to the 1 year mark for George. Boy, last year was certainly a tough one!
      CU soon!!! But not at Wine and Whiskers…. 😦

  2. I like the top one because it’s bigger; it fills the frame.

    I can relate to this topic. Every once in a while I go through my music folder and find something that makes me go wow. My next thought is usually, “How did I do that?”

    1. The second print certainly wasn’t as far along as the first, so it hasn’t yet filled the frame. Now, I have to figure out my “how did I do that” energy for image #1 and finish it. My counter surfer print is finished, studio back together (almost) and my arm has recovered enough from the dog trying to break it the other night.
      Hope you’re doing well! πŸ™‚

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