New ideas popping up

Happy Lunar New Year! I’ve been working on numerous projects lately, mainly with wool, and slowly selling off the remaining chickadee cards from our holiday print run. Taxes are in the works because I’m awful about keeping track of expenses/time invested into projects. The Vintage Roost, a local seasonal venue, is currently hosting a fewContinue reading “New ideas popping up”

Community Love

Last night the awards were announced for the Howland Community Open. Red received enough votes to win the People’s Choice Award! Woo hoo! She’s thrilled and is looking forward to her remaining days at The Arts Center. I’ll actually be visiting tomorrow to talk about how she was created with a young fan and herContinue reading “Community Love”


Last Saturday was one of the larger community art events. The Howland Community Open allows anyone in Linn or Benton county to place one piece of their art on the wall (or on a stand depending if it’s 3D). It draws from all ages and backgrounds in the community to one place, The Arts Center.Continue reading “Community”

An extra space!

No sketching today. Way too many things going on surrounding the computer. I’ve been in negotiations for sending the Postcard Quilt off to a new home in Colorado. It’s thrilling to know it will be greatly loved and appreciated for years to come. The quilt was an award winner  back in 2008 at the HowlandContinue reading “An extra space!”

First entry of the year

The Umpqua Valley Art Association, located in Roseburg, placed their annual call to artists. After a week of deliberation I decided to enter.  Today, being the final entry day (must be postmarked with this date), I pulled out a couple of sculptural images with potential. I would love to enter the leaf coat but itContinue reading “First entry of the year”

Unexpected Recognition

Last night I attended the awards ceremony for the Howland Community Open at The Arts Center in Corvallis. The event draws one of the largest crowds, probably reaching the maximum capacity for the building.  It’s a chance to recognize amazing artwork created throughout the community from all age brackets and abilities. This year there wereContinue reading “Unexpected Recognition”