New ideas popping up

Happy Lunar New Year! I’ve been working on numerous projects lately, mainly with wool, and slowly selling off the remaining chickadee cards from our holiday print run. Taxes are in the works because I’m awful about keeping track of expenses/time invested into projects. The Vintage Roost, a local seasonal venue, is currently hosting a few items of mine during their Valentines Open House. Additional stock was produced for the event and it’s actually starting to push me into thinking about other ways to use wool. Their clients seem to be interested in quite a wide assortment of finished goods. This weekend I started to work on wool as jewelry. If you look at Pinterest, there’s an overflow of ideas (yes, I do pop on to look at colors and textures in a variety of things from printmaking, ceramics, and textiles). So I’m slowly learning how to make small things and play with my existing bead stash.

Beaded felt earrings still missing the actual ear loop portion. That will be sorted soon.

Another thing that surfaced last week was the print advertisement for the upcoming show at our local arts center. I happened to win the 2021 “Peoples Choice Award” with the giant felted wool cow head. The winning art is featured on the show advertisement the following year.

The artist and her work.

I’m glad they chose to feature a photo of artwork and artist. It certainly gives a size reference for the art but actually connects the art with the actual artist, even if I have on my face mask 😷. One friend said I looked like a cattle rustler! This is the first time they have used an image like this for their show.

Hot pink heart with Red the cow.
Heart magnets.

Everything hearts seems to be the current studio theme. I’m glad it’s coming to an end and my brain is pushing forward with ideas for the upcoming event later this spring.

Spring is coming to our part of the country. Snowdrops and crocus are blooming! Even daffodils are almost in bloom. Migrating birds are starting to move back north. I saw my first Turkey Vultures of the season on January 28th, happily consuming a rotting critter. It seems a few weeks early, but they certainly know when spring is coming.

wood burning on plywood. Warbler part 2

Eventually I’ll get back to working on the Warbler block. It takes a special energy and focus that I don’t seem to have available right now. Maybe later this week I’ll uncover it. Maybe not. I do want to make a valentine card for family! Oh dear, that’s my impatient brain running away with ideas again!

Thanks for checking in!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “New ideas popping up

  1. Congratulations on your Award Gale – it is very good to see you with the cow’s head, it certainly does give a sense of the scale. Your wool work is fabulous, opening up all sorts of new things. I’m always impressed by not only the number of new things you take on, but also your expertise in all of them! Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Anna. I certainly jump through so many ideas. I enjoyed creating the cow and glad she’s my studio mate ( along with a rat and rabbit head 😉). It was wonderful to have people enjoying the work. Thanks for your support!

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