Carving Wood, Felt Flowers and 13 Years

Let’s start with the 13th Anniversary of this Blog! Has it really been that long???? I’ve been so neglectful of keeping up with everything in life on any platform. Ok, I guess Instagram probably receives the most attention these days because it’s just easy to post a photo and add a few words. Sitting down an blogging takes time and brain energy, which seem to be spent in other areas these days. So, Happy Anniversary to Sticks Stones and Paperstew!

The last two months have been swamped with quite a few things: First, I was asked to add a few items into the Valentines show at Vintage Roost and came away with a little cash (which was greatly appreciated). Second thing to note is an art challenge: a Big Ink woodblock print! Many years ago I started following BigInk Print because of his very interesting press. It’s mobile and can fit enormous blocks most often left to giant construction rolling equipment. I guess the prints could also be created with lots of hand rubbing , but that already makes my arms hurt just thinking about it. So I applied, last minute, to the Eugene OR visit and was accepted. Now I have to create!

The print journey has been running for several weeks. I chose a Zebra with Oxpecker birds that I photographed while visiting Kenya in 2019. The block size is 39″ long by 24″ high (99×61 cm) and is cherry plywood. The surface was tinted with a blue acrylic paint and I used carbon paper to help transfer my image. Print Day is April 16th and I’ll receive 3 images during my session (and the block will come home with me for more hand pulled images). The count down is real! Below are some of the process images thus far:

Transfer of the image to cherry plywood.
Starting to carve out the zebra head
Progress image as of March 16, 2022

Besides printing preparation, jumping back into tax prep, I decided to make a few Snowdrops and Crocus in felt. The weather is warming up after a few weeks of cold weather with rain. Today was beautiful! Daffodils and plum trees blooming their hearts out. The sweet smells of Daphne from numerous neighbors homes. I’m feeling the need to get out and start planning the new garden beds.

Snowdrop in wool.

I suspect that’s enough for now. Please keep following along for more print updates. One of the completed images will go to auction to benefit the Makindu Children’s Program.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Carving Wood, Felt Flowers and 13 Years

    1. I can’t believe I’m actually doing it, especially since starting I wanted to change subject matter. Guess I’ll just keep carving away and hope that it works out. It’s been way too long since carving on a block!
      I think I’ll continue doing the blog so I can watch what my world wide friends are doing. I’m ever so grateful for meeting you and so many more wonderful artists through blogging 💗

      1. My blog gets neglected too nowadays, in favour of Instagram, but it is still such a useful tool, a nice place to express ideas in more detail, and as you say such a wonderful way to meet people. You were one of the first people I followed, I think via Rosie Scribblah! Its been wonderful, all our collaborative books came from our blogs, something which wouldn’t have been possible without it. Apparently I’ve been using WordPress for 10 years, but probably only active for 9. Keep it going – I will endeavour to as well!

  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I think I’m coming up to 11 years in the summer and yours was one of the blogs I followed early on. So many bloggers I followed have fallen by the wayside, like you say, it’s a lot more work than Instagram. You probably have enough material for a book or two! I’m so envious of your giant block, I wish we had Big Ink over here! The block is looking lovely xxx

    1. I’m so grateful for meeting artists through the blogging world and especially thankful that we actually spent time together. Plans are still in my brain for visiting friends in Australia, Sweden and Wales.
      You are still a blogger I deeply admire for your dedication to the art. I’m always glad to see your posts. They show your life and love as a working artist. Bravo… or is it Brava? 😁

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