Monday was an exploration day, searching out a good snorkeling location. We spent a bunch of time exploring Dragons Teeth out at the end of Kapalua. Beautiful location,if you can ignore all the resort/ golf course end of things. After Kapalua, we traveled farther north on hwy 30, ending up at the Blowhole. There we were fortunate to find an incredible humpback whale display we couldn’t pass up. After watching the group of 5-6, we backtracked to a different beach, populated by locals. Dave spent some time in the water while I pulled out the sketchbook for a quickie. The island of Molokai rests 7-10 miles across the channel. I only captured a very small tip of it. So many ridges and shadows! Landscapes are not part of my drawing routine. I picked up a few odds and ends on the beach and hope to do a few sketches of them later.  The weather is looking good thus far! A few showers in the mix but it shouldn’t cause us much problems. 

I couldn’t resist adding in a photo of what my husband worked on Monday morning while having coffee. He’s never had any art classes except for what he had in grammar school. I’m super happy he’s giving it a go. It will certainly cement the images more securely into the brain!

The scene is looking towards the mountains from the balcony. He might eventually get some colors on the page! 

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Molokai 

    1. 😀 yes, he’s a gem in the rough.i love how he just lets loose and draws. We’re on Maui, the place we were married 20 years ago.

  1. Lucky YOU. Snorkle at Honolua Bay–but not in the morning when it is covered with tours. Good body surfing and swimming the cove before, Mokuleia Bay. It was empty and the surf was just right when we were there.

    1. We actually went snorkeling at the body surfing beach and it was great. Getting back to shore was a challenge since we were on the “draining ” side of the cove. Dave became rather up close and personal with the corals on the way in. Fortunately it wasn’t worse!

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