Last Saturday was one of the larger community art events. The Howland Community Open allows anyone in Linn or Benton county to place one piece of their art on the wall (or on a stand depending if it’s 3D). It draws from all ages and backgrounds in the community to one place, The Arts Center.

This yearly event has been pleasing the community since the 1980’s.  I started participating back in 2006 and have faithfully tried to bring something every year. Drop off time is limited to 4 hours. Here are a couple of photos from when I was there.


My friend Kat Sloma in the center of the photo.


Sarah K. working on straightening a work. Silly girl, it’s just going to go wonky when someone pounds the wall again. 🙂


Emily S., Walter B. & Marianna M. in deep discussion.


A fitting wall for my lighted pod. This was the wall/space I occupied for an installation. Of course, they might have moved it by the end of the day.


The show is up until April. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed show!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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