Warmth and sunshine

Here we are on March 17, 2019 and it truly feels like spring! Topping out at almost 70, we spent the day house cleaning and clearing brush in the backyard. I finished Anna’s book page yesterday and packed it up today for Cathe. So overdue, but I’m happy with what’s being sent forward (which isContinue reading “Warmth and sunshine”

Still not finished…

After several weeks of illness, I’m finally cracking on with the book. A deer appeared in the upper left section because I’ve been seeing quite a few grazing in the far back. The does are still pregnant, last years fawns still lingering, and bucks are just sprouting antlers (more like fuzzy nobs at this stage).Continue reading “Still not finished…”

Plum Blossom

Beautiful sunny warm spring weather! What a JOY! It would be even better if I wasn’t stuck inside, fixing and clearing out old stuff left by renters from years ago. Who knew they crammed so much junk into the attic space? So far I’ve uncovered bags of clothing, an old TV/VCR combo, a stereo system,Continue reading “Plum Blossom”

Sketching Sheep

Coming to a workshop fairly unprepared isn’t the greatest feeling, especially when images are what it’s all about! Fortunately, my computer was loaded with a variety of photos so I spent some time sketching before the second print. I’ve spent the last many months working on dogs images, so why not switch to a differentContinue reading “Sketching Sheep”

Spring Windowsill

It has been a beautiful spring scene looking out the kitchen window. This image was taken a couple of days ago when it was sunny and more petals were on the plum tree. In the foreground is part of our glass collection with Jerri Bartholomew (birdhouse & fish), Sarah Morrissey( multi-colored abstract) & a DaveContinue reading “Spring Windowsill”