Spring Windowsill

It has been a beautiful spring scene looking out the kitchen window. This image was taken a couple of days ago when it was sunny and more petals were on the plum tree. In the foreground is part of our glass collection with Jerri Bartholomew (birdhouse & fish), Sarah Morrissey( multi-colored abstract) & a Dave Stahlke paperweight. The ceramic vase is from Cynthia Spencer & daffodils are from Carol Chapel.

The kitchen windowsill has proven to be a safe zone when it comes to glass work. The cats and dogs are unable to reach this area (or just don’t want to). Unfortunately we now have a new measuring device known as Moby Height. This could spell the demise of some artworks placed in MH zones.

The kitchen counter is one standard Moby Height. Notice how the nose is able to reach just above the counter. When he places his paws ON the counter, he can reach almost to the back splash.  No food or dishes are safe (or wallets, bills, etc…) He’s making sure we keep the kitchen clean along with the rest of the house.  He can also reach quite high on the refrigerator door front, removing photos and gift certificates stored on the surface. Muddy paw prints are a give away to where he has been investigating (counter tops in kitchen and bath, the front door, refrigerator door front, dining room table). We wish we could teach him to wipe his feet before coming through the dog door. Muddy brown carpets, tile and everything else is not appealing.  If the weather would shift a tad towards warmer and drier days… life would be better. Ahh, life with an active dog and dog door. A time we have not experienced for many many years.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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