Aging parents

The human body can certainly endure and heal many problems that arise. Dave’s mom Lucille can attest to that. Over her life she gave birth to 4 healthy children plus survived the death of twins late in pregnancy and it almost killed her (this was when they lived in Guatemala). She survived a major car accident that shattered her leg bone. Many many surgeries and rehab hours later, she was up and walking. Then there was a knee replacement in the same leg. Unfortunately, MRSA jumped into the scene and made her fight for many years to keep that leg, only to loose it back in fall 2009.  Since then she has been adjusting to a prosthetic leg and making slow progress forward.

With all that under her belt, she had a hemorrhagic stroke yesterday. Today we wait for test results to come through. Dave’s dad is getting out of rehab after spinal surgery two weeks ago. Lucille fractured one of her vertebrae last week.  When it rains, it pours!

I’ve spent part of my morning looking into strokes on the internet and wondering what her chances are for recovery. Does she have mobility in her hands? Is she even able to speak? How large were the ruptures? Where were they located? Can she swallow and will they insert a feeding tube? How long does it take for the blood thinners to leave her body and allow the cells to clot again? Will she make it through the next month? What sort of assisted living can they be moved into eventually? So many questions that will have to be dealt with when the time comes. My heart goes out to Dave’s siblings who are on the home front in Texas. They are in for a wild ride yet again.

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4 thoughts on “Aging parents

    1. Thanks Melissa. My thoughts really go out to Dave’s brother & sister in Austin. Those two, plus their spouses, have really had a time with it. We live so far away that there isn’t much we can do except keep in contact and letting them know we’re thinking of them!

  1. Oh, Gale! Love and Light to you and Dave! I’ve been out of the loop the last few weeks. Thinking of you both as the situation continues to unfold…

    1. Dave’s mom has certainly had her ups and downs the past couple of weeks. She has moved into the rehab section of the hospital and was doing quite well up until yesterday. Possibly more swelling or bleeding on the brain. We head down in a couple of days.

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