Spring Windowsill

It has been a beautiful spring scene looking out the kitchen window. This image was taken a couple of days ago when it was sunny and more petals were on the plum tree. In the foreground is part of our glass collection with Jerri Bartholomew (birdhouse & fish), Sarah Morrissey( multi-colored abstract) & a DaveContinue reading “Spring Windowsill”

Bringing in the pro!

I passed along a few dollars to one of our local photographers, Harold Wood, for some stunning images. Harold’s work is tops! Now I have images of the two works for the Ag show plus a stunning pix of my leaf coat from 2009. Here are the results: Journal Entry: February 1, 2011, mixed mediaContinue reading “Bringing in the pro!”

Forest Project Almost Complete

Oh, that deadline is fast approaching and I’ve been rather preoccupied by illness, new dog and other stuff. So I did decide to add on six additional squares to “A Walk in the Woods: Discovery Loop Trail”. There was also another lamp in production but I’ve given up on completing it for now. There isContinue reading “Forest Project Almost Complete”