After some deliberations we have narrowed and changed the name for our new dog. He arrived with the name BEAU, which after lots of thought, sounded too much like NO. The household before that called him UTAH. Ick!  So what do we name him? Finalist list included Lionel, Percy, Moby & Odin. Moby won while I was out on our 3 mile walk Tuesday morning. Moby is from Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick, not the musician. We also tossed around Ahab, Ishmael & Queequag ( just didn’t roll off the tongue as well). Since his arrival Sunday night our household is still on a roller coaster ride. Nigel the cat had accepted him, since he so resembles our old pointer, until the cat chase Wednesday morning. MeMe was seen Monday but not Tuesday until very late. She left her previous house and adopted us due to a new dog. Will she do the same with us? Georgie! Poor boy! He’s very unimpressed and vocally upset by our newest member. Snarling, growling and ugly outbreaks have occurred over the past 48 hrs. However he really seems to enjoy going on walks with Moby. Go figure! I’m confident things will settle down after a couple of weeks.

Moby has quickly adapted to our home. He figured out how to go through the dog door Monday and actually came back in the house via the flap Tuesday morning. His night time sleeping area is our bedroom floor, shared with George. No more kennel time for sleep. He is starting to feel more protective of the home, barking at strange noises and even Dave coming in the front door. He was so surprised by this man in a big yellow coat that he lost control of his anal glands, perfuming the living room with eau de dog. Think Dave needs to spend more time with him!

Here are some photos of his first days with us (looking very much like Mocha- see the September 1, 2009 posting on The Mocha Era).

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3 thoughts on “Moby

    1. Yah, it’s kind of weird having a similar dog. So many of her personality quirks were apparently breed related. He has them too!
      Oh, and then there is the size difference. Mocha was only 50 lbs. Moby is about 80!

  1. Interesting how doggie names are chosen. Danny got to keep his at 9 yrs old when we got him. Emma was “whiskers”–a CAT name…so of course she got a new name. And then we found out that those names were favorites of the tv show Friends gang when one of them had a baby… We were trendy and didn’t even know it.

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