In like a Lion…

Maybe that should be referring to a sick lion! Hard to believe it’s already the beginning of March. Deadlines fast approaching and I’m laying in bed with over a 100 degree temp. Not quite how I envisioned my time! I have been rather reclusive these days, only going out into large groups for dinner events and with the high numbers of folks participating in Chocolate Fantasy, well, viruses can be passed along. Fortunately I did complete the prints for the “leftover print exchange” and they are ready to be mailed. Wow, actually done before the deadline on the calendar! Hurray! And while I was at it  I bundled up a blank journal for a girlfriend in Colorado. Another big Hurray! Now I need to complete the other two big projects, photograph them, finish the paperwork and extra stuff for the gallery all by the 15th.  No problemo! Well, maybe. Time will tell.

We’re also supposed to be prepping the house for the new dog. Yes, we were offered  a dog we couldn’t refuse, a German Wire haired Pointer. We met Beau last weekend at a girlfriends home near Portland. He was recently taken on by their family and determined that he was “too much to handle”. We went up thinking his energy levels/personality to be over the top of what we were used to with Mocha only to discover he was CALM. For a pointer, that’s pretty huge! Maybe he was just showing us his cute side but I’m starting to think our 16+ years with Mocha might have been, well how could I put it, extreme? She was the biggest spaz, always hyped up and ready to go. She would spin circles waiting enthusiastically for us to throw the frisbee. I would call her an “ON-OFF” dog. Once she finished sleeping the “on” switch was flipped and everything was done with gusto. She made me tired every day, but I loved the heck out of her. Beau’s size will be a large adjustment. At only just over a year in age he weighs between 65-70lbs. He’s also on the thin side and will probably bulk out with more muscle over the next year. So big changes to come! Will the month head out like a lamb? Probably not but time will tell.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

11 thoughts on “In like a Lion…

    1. I still don’t know what a nettie pot is, but I assume it’s for sinus issues which isn’t involved here. Thank goodness…. well at least not yet! I’ve been sticking to your advice and been down and out all day. No studio time at all. 🙂

  1. Oh a new family member! My favorite, favorite, favorite special occasion! Welcome to the pack Beau! I can’t wait to meet you!

    1. We will be getting him today! Feeling hesitant but that’s probably a good thing. It’s a big commitment to add to our aged household. I can already see about 3 vet trips this coming week (2 birds & George).

    1. Beer seems to be the other thing to pull me out for dinner. Block 15 has been serving up some scrummy brew. Too bad you don’t live closer. St. Paddy’s should be great with Mike playing.

      1. Oh, wait, that WAS your choice (to move back to Japan). I really do hope you’re enjoying living there again. Maybe you’ll be able to visit Oregon again soon. 🙂

  2. We are having a vocabulary problem. Let me revise:

    1. (to move back to Japan) –> (to take an extended business trip to Japan)

    2. I really do hope you’re enjoying living there again. –> I really do hope you’re enjoying your stay.

    3. Maybe you’ll be able to visit Oregon again soon. –> Maybe you’ll be able to return to Oregon again soon.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hope good health has returned. Feb. 17th, our dear sweet miniature schnauzer Sparky died. He and I were on the maiden trip in my Santa brought it travel trailer. We were at Morro Bay, CA. and enjoyed nearly a week of beach walks and being together 24 hours a day. He died in my arms after a short walk in the rain – probably heart failure, quick, gently, and painless for him. I’m still in a fog, nightly crying jags, and moping around days. Sis Mary’s 18 yr. old cat Romeo died in January so she and I share emails about lost loves. Ron & I headed to Cape Lookout in May then Hutchinson, KS. in June. From KS., I’ll continue alone to Omaha, NE. to meet 2 half-brothers then to Plattsmouth to meet a 2nd cousin. May have more cousins to meet, will know after meeting Portia. We are related through my mom’s family. My mom’s father and Portia’s mom’s mom were siblings. Knowing I’m one of 9 children and none of them full siblings is still daunting. At least, some of the “halves” are “wholes” to each other. Delighted the beach home is staying in the family. Ron and I visited twice and loved it. If you ever need someone to occupy it for a week, let me know; I happily volunteer and would even make a donation toward maintenance. Back to latest quilting project. It’s one of 8 “in progress” projects I have going. I need to get one finished this year. Marilyn Maines

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