Salmon Smoking Weekend

What does one do with 35 pounds of refrozen salmon? Smoke it! Dave and I arrived Friday at our friend Alex’s in Waldport Oregon with salmon ready to defrost. After an incredible seafood gumbo, the guys settled on a brine recipe they cooked & cooled for the next morning. This was an all weekend eventContinue reading “Salmon Smoking Weekend”

Unexpected Recognition

Last night I attended the awards ceremony for the Howland Community Open at The Arts Center in Corvallis. The event draws one of the largest crowds, probably reaching the maximum capacity for the building.  It’s a chance to recognize amazing artwork created throughout the community from all age brackets and abilities. This year there wereContinue reading “Unexpected Recognition”

Mollusk Monday

The forest art print project is still moving along.4″x4″ printed & water colored squares will eventually become attached to balsa wood frames. The carved images are quick and not perfect. It’s become more of a learning experience than anything, pushing my envelope in an area I don’t visit very often.  Plus making me work inContinue reading “Mollusk Monday”

Forest Project Continued

With the initial “Walk in the Woods” project completed, gears are shifting to tackle the next. I’ve decided to approach the art through printmaking and cube construction.  A total of 7+ cubes will be created, depending on time, and will relay a visual story of a hike through the forest during the month of February.Continue reading “Forest Project Continued”