Forest Project Continued

With the initial “Walk in the Woods” project completed, gears are shifting to tackle the next. I’ve decided to approach the art through printmaking and cube construction.  A total of 7+ cubes will be created, depending on time, and will relay a visual story of a hike through the forest during the month of February.

It will start by using a lovely cube form similar to the image below. Cubes will be connected using embroidery floss and eyelets through the sides (the below image has them through the front/back), leading the viewer through glimpses of the forest.

The goal is to place a block print image on two sides of the cube (white surface).  All of the images will relate to the OSU research forest, mainly Loop 36 and Powderhouse trails. To achieve this, I plan to create a print a day (or 1.5 days) using easy-cut blocks. Below is the first test image printed with water based ink and water colors. From the test, I discovered the need to print using oil based ink in order to keep water from bleeding through the black.

Oh, the Osoberries are almost in bloom again!

Oemleria cerasiformis

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Forest Project Continued

  1. Wonderful concept. I’m eager to see more. I use waterbased block printing ink and don’t have a problem of bleed through. I have seen that watercolor or ink in stamp pads do bleed through. You’re gonna be busy!

    1. Thanks Carol! The bleeding that’s occurring becomes apparent when adding water colors on to the print. The water based black ink loosens and combines with the watercolors making them darker. Saturday I did a run using oil based and still waiting for everything to be fully dry.
      Still trying to figure out if one or two prints will grace the cubes. I also have the idea of using writing in place of an image. More to ponder….

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