A Walk in the Woods

“A Walk in the Woods”  is looking finished for the Howland Community Open today. Only part lacking are two eye screws to hang from the wall/ceiling/window. I wonder if it will make it on the “curators wall”. That would be a big honor. Drop off time is between noon and 4pm Saturday January 29th.

This week I purchased new material for photographing against but have not figured out how to do a decent set up somewhere in the house. Space is limited and the fabric always needs a good ironing before use. Wonder where I stashed the iron… probably amongst art supplies. Seems like I take over many household items for “art” use. For example, two rolling pins have been purchased and neither is used in the kitchen. Oh, they started out there and were very handy for rolling out pie crust. Now they are used for clay or printmaking. Pie crusts receive the empty wine or beer bottle treatment. Dave doesn’t complain since he never has need for one. I’m the one who makes the crusts and I don’t even like pie. A good quiche is a different story!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

    1. I’m trying to aim towards more professional photos this year. Since the fabric shop had 50% off, I picked up the stuff you use.
      This is just the trial run with the woods walk. I need to take more time on the next frame for the Ag show. Plus the next project is brewing in the brain…

  1. I love it! It reminds me of all the fern varieties we saw in New Zealand – you would have loved them – so much variety and such fascinating shapes and textures, from soft greens to almost villainous massive furry dark fiddle heads. There was much there that reminded me of the lushness of Oregon and also the windswept hard won survival shapes of trees and grasses. Very fun to dig through your blog and see your pictures and read your stories.

    1. Thanks Tracie & Maria. I think I’ve discovered my new fitness routine. Loop 36 trail 3X per week and a George walk on top of it!

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